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Give your kids the best dental care available by taking them to a dentist office for kids. The general dentist at Children’s Dentistry of Rome are fully equipped to provide specialized care for infants, toddlers, children, and teens. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and friendly environment to help your children feel comfortable with each visit.

Family Dentist

As your child grows, the team at our dentist office for kids primarily focuses on preventive care. This is to ensure that your son or daughter’s mouth is a healthy environment that is ready for their secondary teeth. Part of our preventive methods includes teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques so your child can perform proper self-care at home. We also provide teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and X-rays to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy, clean, and strong.

Best Dentists for Kids

In order to make your child comfortable with each visit, our kid’s dentist office uses tools that are designed to fit in the smaller mouths of patients. This makes for a more pleasant experience with standard procedures like cleanings, fluoride treatments, and fillings. Your child will agree that they’re visiting one of the best dentists for kids in the area.

Kid-Friendly Dentist Office near Me

When you’re searching for a kid-friendly dentist office near me, know that Children’s Dentistry of Rome is just that. We’re proud to be a kid’s dentist office serving Floyd County as a family dentist.

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Kid’s Dentist Office near Me

Visit Children’s Dentistry of Rome your kid’s dentist office in your area. We’re proud to say that we serve our neighbors as an affordable kid’s dentist with proper equipment and care that fits their needs. We have made it a point to create a fun and inviting atmosphere that will have your child looking forward to coming back for each visit.

Kid’s Dentist Office Rome, GA

The team at our kid’s dentist office in Rome, GA goes to great lengths to ensure that great care is taken with each patient. We understand that not all of our patients take to the exam chair with the same level of comfort and confidence. This is why we offer iv sedation dentistry options to patients who might experience anxiety or fear during a check-up. This allows your child to relax and feel at peace throughout the exam, but they won’t experience any pain and will leave our office with no recollection of the procedure.

Affordable Kid’s Dentist

In addition to standard care, our office provides kid’s emergency dentist services. We know that not all dental emergencies happen during business hours, so we’re here to help when you need it.

Kid’s Emergency Dentist

Schedule your child’s next appointment at our dentist office for kids. You can give us a call at 706-291-2550 or send a message via our contact form. You can find our office located at 204 Redmond Rd. Rome, GA 30165. We look forward to helping your child get a full and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.
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