Pulpotomy Procedures

Dental Pulpotomy for Kids in Rome, GA

  • Partial or Baby Root Canal for Kids in Rome, GA

  • Prevent Tooth Loss Due to Decay and Infections

  • Necessary for Maintaining Primary Teeth and Jaw Structure

A Dental pulpotomy is performed on children’s primary or milk teeth to help restore or save them from severe dental cavities or infection. When left untreated, cavities or tooth decay will destroy not only the enamel or outer layer of the tooth but also the soft pulp inside. Infection may also do the same kind of damage. Broken or cracked teeth due to trauma or falls can cause bacteria to enter the soft pulp inside children’s teeth and cause infections.

A pulpotomy in children helps to keep their teeth despite any decay and infections. Instead of extracting the whole tooth, this procedure only removes the damaged pulp and preserves the rest, thus allowing the tooth to remain in place, grow, and mature.

Growing up with a full set of properly erupted baby or primary teeth helps maintain the jaw structure of kids and ensure their adult or permanent teeth emerge properly spaced.

What to Expect From Dental Pulpotomy on Baby Teeth

  • Pain-Free Pulpotomy Procedures in Rome, GA

  • Safely Administered Anesthesia by Experienced Staff

  • Antibiotics and Dental Exam Necessary Before Proceeding

Dentists in our Rome, GA clinic examine the teeth to see if they can be repaired and what the severity of the condition truly requires. An x-ray may be used to determine the extent of the decay or infection’s damage.

Dental pulpotomy in a child’s tooth is a completely pain-free procedure. In our Rome, GA dental clinic, we administer general anesthesia or light sedation to ensure a painless procedure. Moreover, the procedure isn’t long at all.

Our dentists also numb the area around the affected teeth. After removing dental cavities, we will drill into the enamel to open up the pulp chamber. Once the pulp is exposed, we will remove the infected or decayed part. Therapeutic dressing is applied afterward to ensure the tooth nerve does not die. Lastly, the pulp chamber is sealed, and we bond a crown to our patient’s tooth.

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  • Saving Kid’s Cavity-Filled Teeth in Rome, GA

  • Rome Dental Pulpotomy for Kids and Teens Under 18 Years Old

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Tooth cavities or decay is the most common dental problem among children. Data from 2016 shows that a little over 43% of kids had dental cavities. Leaving them untreated can result in irreparable damage and even infection. In turn, these would lead to a lot of pain for your kids.

The sooner they undergo a dental checkup at our clinic, the more likely we can restore or save their tooth through a pulpotomy. If your child has long-untreated tooth decay or has been complaining of severe tooth pain, it’s best to contact Children’s Dentistry of Rome right away.

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