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Not all patients take to the exam chair the same way. And that’s just fine. At Children’s Dentistry of Rome, we know that it’s not uncommon for young patients to be nervous during a dental exam. This is why we offer child sedation dentistry services to calm the mind during a visit to the dentist. Services like conscious sedation dentistry allow for our team to provide services to patients who get nervous or anxious during their dental visits.

There are different levels of sedation used during dental work that will allow your child to have a pleasant experience. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, mixed with oxygen is often used during sedation dentistry for kids. This mild level of sedation won’t usually put the patient asleep, but rather helps them to relax.

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Mild to moderate sedation allows the young patient to fall into a very light sleep where the child is unaware of his or her surroundings but can still respond to stimuli. It makes it easier for the dentist to perform a procedure with minor requests like opening their mouth wider or repositioning. Once the procedure is finished, the patient will have no recollection that it was even performed. This is also the case when deep sedation or general anesthesia is used in child sedation dentistry.

Like moderate sedation, the patient won’t remember anything about the procedure. However, this is mostly because they have been put into a much deeper sleep. With all forms of sedation dentistry for kids, your children’s dentist will continually monitor the state of the patient to ensure that they’re safe throughout the procedure. If you’re unsure about sedation dental work for your child, speak with their dentist to find out more.

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Children’s Dentistry of Rome is your top choice for child sedation dentistry. Our team of dentists wants to help your child have the best possible experience to encourage them to build positive habits in oral hygiene. By helping your child establish strong hygiene habits now, they can ensure a healthy environment for secondary teeth to come in.

Furthermore, healthy habits that are developed now will follow them for the rest of their life. If this means that we help them have a positive experience through full or conscious sedation dental work, then we’re here for your young patient.

Contact Children’s Dentistry of Rome today to learn more about child sedation dentistry. You can reach our office by sending a message via our online contact form or by calling 706-291-2550. Schedule your child’s dental appointment today. You’ll find our office at 204 Redmond Rd, Rome, GA 30165.

Find sedation dentistry for kids in your area with Children’s Dentistry of Rome. We are your source for a sedation dentist for kids to encourage a positive dental experience.


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Patricia Johnson
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laura guadalupe Cagle
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Tara Bell
My 6 year old has terrible anxiety issues with going to the dentist. This office is more than accommodating and never makes us feel like anything negative, just very patient. They’ve did 2-part appts for him just trying to go by what they thought was too much for him to handle. I’m so thankful for this office and their great staff. I really do feel like my kids matter here and appreciate every bit of their compassion and patience. I feel a warm welcomed genuine place here and so does everyone else I know who chooses to come to this office. I would recommend anyone here any day and give it 7 stars.
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Anna Coalson
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Brenda Santana
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